Who are we

We are a small web development company based in London, with a focus on delivering custom web solutions.

Our key motivation is to create. Developing functional, elegant websites and apps requires creativity and a drive to deliver: we have both the determination, and the imagination to bring your vision to light.

We have worked on a wide variety of projects, for companies such as Celebrity Cruises, BerryClever and Love to Ride. For us, the ever-evolving nature of web technology keeps things interesting, and we enjoy using new tools to create modern solutions for our clients. Our style of work is flexible, and we are always prepared to modify our approach to suit your needs.

We employ only the best and most experienced developers, who are able to focus on delivering quality, stable, web applications within agreed budget, and deadlines.

Our services

We can build new websites and web applications from scratch, assist your teams to maintain and develop existing projects, provide templating work such as producing HTML and CSS from PSDs, and anything else you can think of.

Our primary value when providing our services is maintainability: we want our solution to remain intuitive and usable for our clients, no matter how much time has passed. All too often we see software that is slowly losing efficiency and stability for the end-user. Our approach aims to prevent these issues from occurring, while ensuring that all of our software is functional, solution-focused, and aesthetically pleasing.

Our approach is usually driven by developing features one at a time, followed by iterative testing and improvement as the project evolves. This allows you to try out features at a very early stage, to ensure that development is tracking in the way you expect. We are happy to work in whatever way best fits the project however, whether this means taking an Agile approach, or with your specifications defined upfront. Whichever way you want to work, your happiness with both the end product, and the process of getting there, is important to us.

Building a relationship of trust with our clients is critical to our work, and we will always deliver what we say we will, when we will. Some developers cause problems for their clients; we want to prove we can solve them.

When performing our work, we use technologies like Ruby on Rails, redis, PostgreSQL, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React JS, AngularJS, LESS and SASS.

Our work


Pemberton Rank are the creators of Plug In SEO who approached us wanting to build a separate but complimentary product which would allow freelancers to design and sell productised services.

We were chosen as the developers on this new project. We chose the technologies and frameworks to use, and worked with the product owner to design a maintainable and stable architecture. We also worked hard on the design and user experience by turning the supplied wireframes into attractive and easy to use web pages.

Blimpon.com is in beta testing now with a view to a complete launch later in the year.

Main features

  • Dynamic interface
  • Modular and scalable user interface
  • Animated UI to improve usability
  • Stripe payment gateway integration
  • Clean and maintainable application architecture

Our work

  • Built over 2015 and 2016
  • Continued ongoing product development and maintenance
  • Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, React JS, Flux Architecture, Material Design, SASS

Daniel Sim Founder and CEO of Blimpon

‘Luke & Nacho have a rare mix of solid technical skill, ability to understand the business problem they're solving and openness to discuss solutions. This means that you're going to enjoying working with them as collaborators and that you can have confidence in the quality of the product you ship.’

Love To Ride

Love to Ride approached us with their existing web platform: buggy, poorly-designed, and unable to meet their business needs. They asked us to redevelop it from scratch, and to make it stable, fast, and with a CMS that would run their cycle challenges. We scoped requirements and produced some wireframes, and they were hooked.

What we worked on is a web application designed to encourage non-cyclists to try riding their bike, and to ride more regularly instead of driving or taking public transport. People can log their rides, set goals, encourage others and see how their friends are getting along. The app also allows users to participate in cycle challenges that run for a set period, such as for TfL in London, Sydney and York.

Love to Ride was pleased with our work. In particular, they liked that the platform was highly maintainable, and allowed for new features to be added quickly after launch.

Main features

  • powerful admin section
  • production of key metrics for monitoring performance
  • rich interface designed to be fast, intuitive, fully responsive, and mobile-friendly
  • GPS-based recording through native iPhone and Android apps
  • verified to meet accessibility guideline level AA

Our work

  • low level UX and design
  • technologies used: Ruby on Rails, spine.js, Bootstrap, CSS3, SASS, AWS (EC2, ElastiCache, RDS), PostgreSQL relational database, Postgis extension
  • continued ongoing product development, support, and maintenance

Thomas Stokell Founder and Managing, Director - Love to Ride

‘Sketch consistently produce high quality work for us, delivered on time with minimal bugs. They’ve been a massive asset to our business and a reliable and safe pair of hands that helps me to sleep at night. The Sketch Team are simply excellent at what they do.’

Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises booking engine

User experience agency Bunnyfoot asked us to help with developing a new UI and design for a client: Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises. The client's booking engine needed to be updated to meet new business requirements, but was also in dire need of simplification to make the system intuitive and easy to use.

We worked with Electric Digital to complete this project, and were responsible for producing HTML and LESS from designs and UX wireframes, which was then integrated by the in-house developers into the new booking engine.

We were able to complete this work within a very tight deadline, and Bunnyfoot was pleased with our ability to work independently: a major bonus given the numerous stakeholders and agencies they were trying to manage.

Main Features

  • responsive design to suit various sized desktops
  • easily integrated with existing systems
  • functional and elegant LESS design
  • accessible and straightforward interface
  • instinctive booking process for customers

Our Work

  • clean, maintainable and accessible
  • delivered to fixed budget and tight, unmovable schedule
  • project complete and live
  • technologies used: HTML and CSS/LESS, JavaScript


BerryClever started as a group of busy mums, pet lovers, and shoppers, who were interested in recommendations from their friends about where to shop, and what to buy: but there was no easy way for them to do this. They decided that it would be helpful for users to see products recommended by friends ranked more highly, so they approached us to help build it.

We teamed up with Winston Wolf (UI and design) to create a platform for BerryClever. It takes products from sources such as Amazon and allows them to be organised into custom categories. Members can leave tips about products, say if they have them or want them, and rate whether they love them or hate them.

One of our primary aims was to make it mobile-friendly, as many of the target users would view the app on cellphones. We ensured that the app performed well on a multitude of devices, and to BerryClever's delight it helped to get their business off the ground.

Main features

  • Amazon product advertising API integration
  • responsive design and mobile-friendly
  • MailChimp integration to allow for targeted email campaigns
  • Facebook integration for login, connecting with friends, and sharing

Our work

  • built in 2014 over a period of 3 months
  • ongoing support for 6 months
  • continued product development and maintenance
  • wireframes, high level branding, and designs supplied by external company
  • technologies used: Ruby on Rails, redis, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, Bootstrap, CSS3, SASS, AWS, Wordpress
  • HTML to image conversion for creating social objects

Nathan Levi Chief Operating Officer - BerryClever

‘Sketch built our product exactly to spec, on time and on budget. They have been a pleasure to work with throughout our engagement, extremely responsive and always honest. I'm happy to endorse Sketch to any entrepreneur looking for advanced technical solutions.’

Pocket Risk

Pocket Risk had a great startup idea for helping financial advisers to assess the risk levels of their clients, and they asked for our help to build a solution. Pocket Risk knew that they wanted to provide clients with a questionnaire program that would allocate scores, and would then produce a profile and information about that client.

So, we built it: a questionnaire with output that could provide a personalized and comprehensive 3-part risk profile report. We made sure that it included clear visuals and graphs, so that advisers could easily understand the results.

Main features

  • questionnaire engine which renders versioned sets of questions
  • allows user-defined custom questions
  • intelligence to calculate a score and other information based on questionnaire answers
  • user-specific reports, generated as HTML or PDF
  • tools to allow advisers to mass-upload new clients from a spreadsheet, and mass-email questionnaires
  • marketing pages able to be edited without developer time

Our work

  • built in 2012 over a period of six weeks
  • continued ongoing product development and maintenance
  • wireframes, high level branding, and designs supplied by client
  • technologies used: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, spine.js, CSS3, SASS, AWS

John Ndege Founder and CEO of Pocket Risk

‘I have worked with Sketch Consulting for over two years and their work has been exceptional. They are responsive, great communicators, efficient and highly effective at getting the job done. They have a unique ability to weigh development decisions from the viewpoint of their clients and the end user. They never build stuff for the sake of building. They give independent thought about what is best for the product. I continue to work with Sketch Consulting and will do so for the foreseeable future. I can't recommend them more highly.’

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